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Planning, leading and realizing the system and people side of change is a specific discipline, which requires a whole range of knowledge and capacities. This is my work.

Change is possible only when systems modify the way they function and people transform some aspects of the way they think, behave, communicate and interact. There are no solutions, technologies, new approaches, laws or policies, no matter how brilliant they may appear, that can prove truly effective if they are not adopted and implemented by both systems and their people.

Case Studies

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My services

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Systemic Change Management for the SDGs

We develop strategic action plans to realize the change objective that you want to see in your organization (as well as in any specific social, political or economic target environment).

Transformative Leadership (Training, Counseling, Coaching)

We develop and strengthen transformative abilities necessary for effective leadership in driving sustainable changes, employing the 4-Pillars Based approach that entails four core thematic areas: Self-Leadership, Systemic Change Management, Communication and Relationship Management, and Inclusive and Transformative Leadership.

Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

We support the creation of conducive environments, where each women is empowered and enabled to perform up to her real fullest potential, and to achieve her objectives.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

M. Gandhi


The coaching programme I had with Anita was very useful to use euphemisms. It completely changed my life, the way I deal with personal but especially professional relationships and mechanisms. The coaching programme explained to me why some situations happened recurrently in my life (especially my professional life) and provided me with new lenses to look at everything around me and be actively part of all of them (instead of passively suffering from some of them). I am now fully aware of my action space and of its limits. I know that I can influence through my thoughts and attitudes others but cannot change them. Thanks to this coaching programme whenever I have some moments of disorientation I can reflect and have a clear idea of what the best version of myself would do in that context and – above all- I am able to do it.

Emanuela De Marco (from Italy)
Course Coordinator at the International Training Centre of the ILO of Turin. Participant of the Capacity Development Programme for the Gender Equality and Diversity Inclusion Focal Points (2020-2021).

This training was highly useful to me. I am working to raise the voice of female colleagues and staff to support their leadership. Furthermore, we have a Judicial Administration Training Institute(JATI) where we can participate with other judges and colleagues (…) and where I have the privilege to disseminate my strategy and gender equality plan. (…) I can boastfully say that the training in Gender and Organizational Change, helped me a lot.

Fairoze Tasnim (from Bangladesh)
Adjudication of civil and criminal cases as a presiding Judge in the court of Law. Assist Govt. in framing laws policies under the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs. Participant of the training programme on Gender and Organizational Change (edition 2020).

The training emphasizes the systemic approach, which I use to support trade unions in their actions on disability and gender inclusion. Through this method, we see tangible institutional change and sustainability of the change processes. 

Faustina Van Aperen (from Switzerland)
Senior Relation Officer at the International Labour Organization (ILO). Participant of the training programme on Gender and Organizational Change (edition 2021).

The knowledge I gained broadened the horizons of my thinking and helped me to approach problems from a logical and scientific perspective in addition to the human and social sense that was the focus of my old approach. It also helped me to self-evaluate my performance and the performance of my organization, and the interpretation of some preconceived attitudes and opinions by the community, and thus know the possible way to make possible change. In addition, the training program provided me with new tools to implement the strategy and plans that I developed with my colleagues in the organization. It was an excellent and fruitful educational and knowledge journey that made me more confident in reaching the desired change in my organization and society in general.

Khadije El Husaini (from Lebanon)
Consultant. Participant of the training programme on Gender and Organizational Change (edition 2022).

In addition to the overview on gender theories and dynamics, what really made a huge difference compared to the many other trainings from highly reputable institutions I had the luxury to attend over the years, was the part related to organisational change and the “awakening” understanding I gained on the Individual Functioning Cycle and the System Functioning Cycle. Getting aware of the human side of the change and acquiring the tools to understand and manage change processes within different contexts, successfully dealing with and overcoming obstacles (including cultural barriers), was vital to achieve my professional goals, in particular related to the introduction of new legislation and policies.

Luigia Ingianni (from Qatar)
Commissioner of the Employment Standards Office (Director) – Qatar Financial Centre Authority. Participant of the training programme on Gender and Organizational Change (edition 2021).

The theories developed during the training helped a lot to understand what is what (for example the Individual Functioning Cycle), to master the reality of our lives and to (re)define the perception of your environment and your objectives.

Anita has the expertise to lead you through your sometimes-complicated reflections ; as an experienced professional but also a genuine and caring personality, she is so good at what she proposes to you that your gains in your daily life are immediate. Having met and interacted with Anita was a very constructive moment and has brought long-term positive effects in my life.

Nirina Robinson (from Luxemburg)
Manager of an European Institution. Participant of the Leadership Development Programme.

I gained knowledge about women’s rights and how to defend their goals in work and life and achieve these goals. I also gained knowledge about how to lead and solve crises and confront this matter and provide assistance to every woman and facilitate her difficulties, and this discipline gave me strength of character and mastery of work. I suggest that the training programs be presented in several languages (…) for all countries of the world, especially the Arab and developing countries.

Riham Samir Wahdan (from Egypt)
Judge at the Egyptian Ministry of Justice. Participant of the Women Leadership Programme in the framework of the project Increasing the Participation of Women in Public Life in Egypt (2022).

The training program addressed the misconceptions and mistakes we make as women leaders in leading a team. It explained with concrete examples how situations should be managed to get best results from team members.

Rima Saad Azar (from Lebanon)
General Manager and Partner of Sea Sky Services. Participant of the capacity development programme Malkia: Women Managers Rise Up (2022).

The course helped me to put my work steps into a methodological step (…),it gave me power to continue and insist on making more progress. I mentioned parts from the Women Leadership Programme as a reference in my latest published book, entitled “The Safe Transition to institutional Change – with application on Gender Equality”. So, according to all benefits that I gained from this program on both my levels, even the practical or the personal one, I would like to Thank you.

Shaimaa Serag Eldin Anwer Emara (from Egypt)
Economic Expert, Head of the Equal Opportunities Unit at the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development of Egypt. Participant of the Women Leadership Programme in the framework of the project Increasing the Participation of Women in Public Life in Egypt (2022).


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