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If you do not find around you what you need to perform your job, create it.

This has always been my motto, which has driven me to design and develop hands-on tools and methods that were not available in my work environment for planning and implementing sustainable changes.

I thought, “If I need it, this probably means that also other professionals like me have the same unmet necessity. If I create it, I will probably facilitate everyone’s performance and results”.

With this in mind, I embarked on a journey to integrate knowledge, experiences, and strategies from various disciplines and fields. This endeavor allowed me to develop a comprehensive toolkit for change makers.

Listed below are the disciplines and fields that I have explored and drawn upon to achieve this goal:


  • Master degree in Humanities (University of History, Literature and Philosophy of Turin, Italy)
  • Master degree in Management of Development (University of Political Science of Turin, International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization, Italy)


  • Economics of Development
  • Systemic Counseling (Counselor)
  • Relational Counseling (Counselor) 
  • Change Management Specialist 
  • Social Norm and Social Change
  • Corporate Trainings
  • Coaching for Results
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