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My technical expertise in change management is comprehensive and pyramidal, and includes: the global level, to be fully in line with the international development policies, programmes and trends; the systemic-collective level, to realize specific transformations inside target professional, social, market or political environment; the individual level, to empower single professionals and people to perform as change makers and leaders.

  • Strong knowledge of the United Nations structure, development policies and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Strong knowledge of the European policies and programmes, and funding lines, for research, development and innovation
  • Specialist of the Theory of Systems and Systemic Approach to change, innovation and development  
  • Expert of the theories, methodologies and tools of Systemic Change Management (also including social and behavioural change)
  • Decennial practice as expert of Gender Equality and Diversity Inclusion, and Gender Organizational Change in workplaces
  • Decennial experience in professional women empowerment and female leadership in workplaces 
  • Senior expert in Transferable Abilities and creator of the the 4-Pillars Based Approach, which focuses on the following key skills: Self-Leadership, Transformative and Inclusive Leadership, Management of Communication and Relationships, Systemic Change Management
  • Project Cycle Management – PCM –
  • Systemic Project Cycle Management – SPCM –
  • Systemic and Relational Counselor
  • Extensive experience as trainer, coach and counselor.
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