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Malkia – Women managers rise up: skilling for success 

Name  Malkia – Women managers rise up: skilling for success Empowering women managers from Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon
Organization Employers Activity Programme of the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (United Nations), Italy
Target Groups Women managers and CEO of SMEs and Lage companies in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.
Activity Capacity development and coaching on transformative female leadership 
The key problem The still powerful obstacles that at individual, family, societal, economic and professional levels limit the possibility for women to reach leadership positions and perform at best of their real fullest potential. 
The key need  Innovative leadership capacities to empower women managers and leaders in the private sector to excel in their role and drive their companies to the desired objectives.
Results  By the end of the training and coaching programme, 50 women developed specific knowledge, methods and strategies to:

  • Create inclusive and enabling working environments.
  • Motivate and commit the staff.
  • Build trust.
  • Develop and strengthen psychological safety.
  • Detect the main mistakes that lead managers to fail their objectives.
  • Drive their companies towards the desired goals.
  • Practices the best communication and collaboration strategies.
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