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Promoting and strengthening gender transformative working environments (Malkia ).

Name Promoting and strengthening gender transformative working environments (Malkia ).
Organization Employers Activity Programme of the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (United Nations), Italy
Target Groups The target groups are women managers representatives of, or employed in, the Employer and Business Members Organizations  (EBMOs) in Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan, and the beneficiaries are the SMEs and Large Companies, professional associations and high and medium level (or potential) female managers in the private sector. 
Activity Development of an interactive e-learning module.
Key problem  The current main, interconnected, obstacles that limit women to access to leadership positions and perform as managers in the private sector in Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.
The key need Provide women managers, as well as Employers and Business Members Organizations, and companies, with relevant knowledge, strategies, tools and suggestions to promote female leadership, female entrepreneurship, women access to managerial positions and women empowerment inside Large companies and SMEs.
Results A practical and result oriented e-learning module to enable organizations and managers to: 

·   Identify and understand the gender challenges and inequalities impacting the economic empowerment of high and middle level female managers in the private sector, by considering both the system/societal level (specific bias and mental mechanisms, social codes and behaviours, systemic dynamics, etc.) and the individual one (self-limiting mental mechanisms and behaviours, etc.). 

·   Detect the new and growing opportunities that the changing culture and market offer to women managers at global and more in detail at local level.

·   Promote and implement gender transformative transitions, shifting working environments from the identified limits to tangible solutions and detected opportunities.


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