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Systemic Change Management

We develop a strategic action plan to realize the change objective that you want to see in your organization (or in any specific social, political or economic environment, target group, etc.)

  • We detect and analyse the current limits that hinder and jeopardise the desired change objective and its sustainability.
  • We discover the existing resources that can facilitate and speed up the process of transformation and attainment of the change objective. 
  • We design a strategic action plan to enable the organization (or any other target context) and the people within it to change.
  • We facilitate the implementation of the action plan and consolidate the achieved change objective.

We integrate your already existing action plan with strategic methodologies and activities to address and ensure the people-side of the change process.

  • We analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your action plan in relation to the defined change objective and the needs of the people-side of change.
  • We integrate your action plan (if necessary) with possible activities or contents to make it truly conducive to creating a human environment that is concretely enabled to embrace and enact the desired transformation.
  • We support the implementation of the action plan and consolidate the achieved change objective. 

Capacity Development (training, coaching, counseling)

We develop transformative capacities to: 

  • Successfully perform as change maker and change leader, and transformative influencer, in your organization as well as in any other specific environment. 
  • Empower you, to perform at your real fullest potential, be your best version, influence others, overcome difficult situations and achieve the desired objectives. 
  • Enable the staff of your organization (or any other target group) to effectively implement the desired transition to an improved situation and achieve the set change objective.
  • Allow your organization or team to adopt successful and highly effective communication, interaction and organizational behaviours (to guarantee psychological safety, innovation, inclusion and equality, reciprocal support, synergy and integration of the resources, adaptability and flexibility, resilience, optimization of costs and reduction of waste).
  • Strengthen the impact of your organization as a change leader and a transformative influencer in its environment (for the SDGs, green transition and technology innovation, or any other development goal). 

Gender Equality and Women Empowerment 

We create inclusive and gender neutral environments, where women are empowered and enabled to perform up to their real fullest potential and achieve their objectives

  • We identify the ineffective and discriminating functioning mechanisms (stereotypes, biases, policies, formal rules and social codes that influence the way people behave, communicate and interact) that limit women’s fulfillment inside the organization (or in any specific social, political or market environment).
  • We develop alternative and tailor made replacing functioning mechanisms, which are conducive to create an inclusive, gender neutral and successful (working) environment. 
  • We design a strategic action plan to shift the organization (or any other target environment) from the current limiting situation (ineffective functioning mechanisms) to the new and enabling one (replacing working modes). 
  • We facilitate the implementation of the strategic action plan and consolidate the change process inside the organization (or target environment).
  • We develop transformative capacities to enable each person inside the organization to actively perform the change process towards an inclusive and gender neutral environment.
  • We develop specific capacities for women, to allow them to identify their own self-limiting stereotypes, biases and behaviours, strengthen their self-confidence and self-leadership, empower communication and leadership skills, support female colleagues, identify and meet their core needs (especially regarding transformative and transferable abilities), balance and manage family and professional life. 
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